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What you can expect steps in a personal injury case

Injury and accident lawsuits usually take different forms although the stages of such cases are usually the same. The stages used in a personal injury case are very important and are worthy knowing because they can assist you to know the things that you are supposed to expect when you meet your attorney, assists you to understand the court fillings that will be used during the lawsuit, the way the two sides of the case will exchange information while trying to establish facts, how to settle the case and why some cases usually end before the time of trial, what real happens during trial, the method of  collecting during a judgment and many more. The stages below will guide you so that you can know what to expect in every stage and this will assist you in detangling these confusing court procedure rules.

  1. Legal Consultation

Most injury cases lawyers offer free consultation. This is meant to know if your case requires compensation and if it is entitled to damages.

  1. Getting Legal representation

This is another very important stage after you have consulted. How is this stage important? This stage allows or makes you to know whether you will retain a lawyer or not. However it is very important for you to hire a lawyer immediately an accident has occurred as this will allow you to avoid some mistakes such as those related to your insurance company and also your claim itself.

  1. The gathering of facts

For a claim to be valid facts must be gathered and they must be true not forged.  Because any claim without evidence to support it then the claim is said to be invalid. Make sure your personal injury lawyer follows every part of your case and knows all facts about your case.

  1. Medical evaluation

In this stage, your lawyer provides your medical evaluation to prove that indeed an injury occurred. This medical evaluation will show the cost of injury that occurred and also where it occurred. This will assist in calculating the amount of compensation that you will get through your auto accident lawyer.

  1. Mediation

In this part your lawyer will determine your claim for example if it is the other driver who caused the accident or if you are the one who caused it. He will also determine if your car’s liability insurance policy was valid at the time the accident occurred. Here he will use the rules governing the accident benefits claims.

  1. Filing a claim

If mandatory mediation will fail then your personal injury lawyer will be forced to file a law suit or if not file it then takes the issue to arbitration. A lawsuit should be filed within a period of two years since the accident occurred.

  1. Examination of discovery

This is another very important stage in a personal injury case. This stage comes after a claim has been filed where the plaintiffs and the defendants enter a stage called the discovery stage.

  1. Settlement discussion.

This is a stage that might be set up by the by your attorney where he will have a settlement discussion your car insurance company

  1. Pre-trial conference

This conference is a kind of meeting that happens between your lawyer and the judge with the aim of narrowing down the accident issue without necessarily having to go to the trial

  1. Trial

This is the final stage of your case where the personal injury case is taken to trial. The car accident trial case is somehow technical but your lawyer will guide you during this time.