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Flying High in the Safe and Friendly Skies

Many people wonder which is safer, driving a car or traveling by airplane.  There have been numerous studies on the subject, and all conclude that safety facts show driving is far more dangerous than flying.  In the U.S., the National Transportation Safety Board tracks the data involving aviation accidents and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles data on vehicular accidents among others.  They counted 1.27 fatalities per every 100 million vehicle miles traveled in the year 2008. By comparison, there were almost no fatalities for the equivalent number of aviation miles travelled during that same year.  Some experts say driving also gives you a feeling of more control, while in a plane you feel more vulnerable because someone else in control.  They noted an airplane accident is usually more catastrophic, and results in more deaths at one time.  Auto accidents happen several times every hour, so the loss is spread out over a longer period of time and we become more accustomed to hearing about them.  While even one death is a tragedy, it underscores the importance of having a competent accident lawyer who can take your case and successfully represent or defend you.


flying too highThese are some of the reasons travelers trust the services of Emirates airlines for their business and personal travel.  They offer reliable service, a well-maintained fleet and travel to the parts of the world that are at the forefront of business and pleasure around the globe.  They have been the choice of discriminating leisure travelers and heads of state, political figures and students for decades, and are known for their rapidly growing fleet of new A380 Airbus jets.  Like many of the major retailers on the planet, they offer additional services and discounts you can access through the use of a Groupon promo code.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the untimely death of Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris.  A car accident that results in the loss of life is tragic under any circumstances, but when the victim is a young mother, and as beloved as she was, the pain is much greater.  No amount of work a lawyer does will bring a person back to life, but they can bring justice and seek a satisfactory solution to injured parties and family members affected by the loss.  Given the safety record of airlines, it’s no wonder more people chose to fly.  And given the safety, and superior service of Emirates, you understand why more people choose to fly with them.